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About Unitagd

  • What We Do +

    Unitagd is a simple but effective labeling system that ensures your valuables are never lost. Initially designed to be implemented in schools, the system can be used to track your valuable possessions when lost, be that at the gym, on the train or even a plane.
  • Our Philosophy +

    Work hard, play hard, be honest and leave behind a trail of friends in whatever we do.
  • Our Locations +

    Currently active across the UK, next stop anywhere with a sunny climate.
  • Work With Us +

    If you are interested in working with us as a partner wanting to take our solution abroad, or an organisation wanting to install our system or an individual interested in pursuing a career with our company, please do get in touch.
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Why use Unitagd

Unitagd has been designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

Easy to use

Three clicks are all that is required to tag an item.

Mobile friendly

Unitagd can be accessed on Android or Apple.


Tags can be ordered directly from a smartphone app or a desktop.

Time Saving

Customised, printed labels are delivered directly to your door.

Console access

Check what's been ordered and keep a track of all items tagged.

Dedicated support

Friendly online support. Guaranteed to respond to all queries within 24 hours.

Our Process

A simple solution to ensure your belongings can be retrieved if lost.

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  • icon Retrieve It

Tag It

Order individual,customised, pre-printed,machine washable labels and use these to tag individual items.

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Track It

Items appearing in the lost property box are scanned and the owners of the items are immediately notified that their lost property has been found and should be collected.

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Retrieve It

Items can be retrieved from lost property or any location advised to the the owner.

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